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Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Hair Tattoo?

When I was researching Scalp Pigmentation, I remember coming across ‘head tattoos’ as a viable solution for hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation struck me as an expensive fancy name for what seemed to be a tattoo placed on the scalp.

There are many tattoo parlors in my neighborhood, I have had tattoos done in Beaumont, Sugarland, and Austin and San Antonio whose artists create custom works of art. I made up my mind to take several photos of the look that I was hoping to achieve and make some consultation appointments in order to expand my search.

My tattoo shop search ended as soon as I sat down for a consultation with a my friend who is a tattoo artist that I had trusted with a piece of art on my arm. After having a conversation and showing him a series of photos and scalp pigmentation hairlines that I liked, he informed me that he wasn’t comfortable attempting to give me the hair tattoo because the “margin for mistakes” was too big and it isn't what he does everyday.

So what are the differences?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of a tattoo, but it isn’t applied as deeply as an art tattoo or is it an easy feat for an artist who hasn’t been specifically trained with a lot of experience doing scalp tattoos under their belts. The inks are different so it can't turn blue like an old tattoo and the needles are usually thinner to recreate hair follicles more accurate.

I’ve learned that in theory, yes, it’s a tattoo but the execution, materials, and application are completely different. I also realized that the questions I need to ask revolve around WHO is going to be the person applying my head tattoo, how long this individual person has been performing scalp micropigmentation, what sort of training they had. There really isn't any hiding away as it is on the head.

There are probably other differences too but these are the facts that I learnt from 2 years of research. If you're in Houston and wanna hang out sometime, hit me up.


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