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What is SMP? Explain it very easily

  You know that 5 '0 clock shadow you have on your beard, the day of or the day after you shave? That darkish hue there? Now imagine when an individual with a full head of hair, shaves his head. This individual will have that darkish hue, that shadow all around his head, and you can still make out his hairline. Men who are BALD, don't have this on top, they have no hair follicles there. They only have that shadow like a ring around a planet, on the sides of their head, this is the dreaded Horse Shoe. You see, SMP cures that, it provides the same shadow you get on the sides of your head, but on top, and if you get it natural like me, it looks like I have hair, but just decide to shave my head. That is the basics of it. I will explain more about the procedure in the Do's and Don'ts page

My SMP Story

       I had some nice hair growing up, I am of Indian origin, so I had thick dark hair, but it was sort of curly and sort of straight. I was so vain with my hair, I would grow it to a good length, and used to constantly toy with it in the mirror. My friends would tell me to stop looking in the mirror so much, but I had to have my hair perfectly set lol How ironic now, that I start a blog for SMP and hairloss! 


          The hair-loss came gradual at first, by the age of 19 I was thinning a very tiny bit in the front. I thought that it would just be a small patch, and it was easily coverable, it looked like I wasn't even thinning, just that a small patch in the front stopped growing. That patch was really my only worry, but I handled it pretty well. I got married around the age of 21, I don't know if this is the cause, but it started thinning ALOT after marriage haha. I am kidding, I knew the path I was going through, I have hypothyroidism, I used tons of products in my hair growing up, my dad is bald ( even though they say the genetics is your mothers father , who has a full head of hair) and I shampooed EVERY SINGLE DAY. All these things brewed up quite the storm of hair loss, and by the time I started seeing tons of hair in the shower on my hands, it was too late. I never even contemplated taking Rogaine or other medicine, and to be quite honest I never would have wanted too. I don't want to take side effect ridden medicine just to keep my hair. 

      So the hair loss product journey began. First it was Toppik, man Toppik at first worked really well. I really enjoyed it, my hair was thinning but Toppik changed everything, it felt like I had full hair again! Like all things though, this quickly turned into a stressful situation. A bit expensive too for a small ass bottle. When my hair thinned out more, my consumption of Toppik went up. I started worrying about that stupid black little fiber powder, I was getting in on my clothes, when I sweat it looked horrible. This went on for a year and a few months. I one day was going in for a cut from my barber, as I still had some hair and it wasn't thaaatttt bad , with Toppik it seemed kind of presentable but I was only fooling myself. I told him, let me dive into the deep end, just shave it all off. He did exactly that. I looked in the mirror and went home pretty ashamed of myself. I felt like a cancer patient, no offense to other cancer patients, I mean I fought thyroid cancer myself, but I had no chemo; only radiation, so thyroid cancer wasn't the cause of my hair loss. That night I just felt horrible. This caused me to start looking for alternatives and for the next few years, HATS became my best friend. 

 Wearing hats is nice, they look really good, I started collecting a bunch of them. The problem with hats though is they are only meant for casual use, nto for hiding balding, not for going out to eat in a nice restaurant, not for having a bouncer tell you; you can't come into a club or a lounge with it, and either you leave or embarrassingly take off your hat, showing your unshaven thinned head. You also appear with a hat in EVERY picture, soon your social media starts looking like you are modeling hats, some will wonder why you are ALWAYS wearing hats. I started looking for alternatives to balding, I knew there would be a better solution. I detail my experiences with alternatives in THIS PAGE. 

          I first found out about SMP when I was browsing Youtube a few years ago. I was looking at various hair loss solutions, and clicked on a video that showed some type of testimonial from an obviously bald individual. I waited till the whole video was finished and was a bit confused, where is the after part? I clicked on more videos from the same company and every one of them the same, I was asking myself, " what the hell is going on here". I just see a bunch of bald guys talking about this procedure, but all of them are still bald! What I didn't realize is that I was overlooking a very crucial detail, you see I was so focused on trying to find hair on these guys I missed the part where it showed them with the SMP procedure. 

           Once I realized that, I was kind of overwhelmed. Why haven't I ever heard of this procedure before? This is life changing, but I was extremely skeptical. I knew nothing in this life is too good to be true. So I frantically searched for negatives relating to the procedure, to be quite frank, the company that had these videos had quite the name for themselves, I was impressed with the testimonials and clients. I never even bothered to search for any alternatives to this company, different practitioners etc. I kept watching videos, I contacted them, they quoted me a price. I knew there was a bit of a catch, but this was permanent, I wasn't going to cheapen out. I will go further with the details on pricing on the do's and don't page. 

         This routine of watching videos went for a long time, and I mean a few years. I kept telling myself, I have to save up for this, I need this procedure. I was scared though, and on top of that I just never had the funds. I ended up moving to Houston TX 2 1/2 years ago. Here I was able to acquire some extra funds and SMP was on my top to-do list. When I lived up North, I knew I was going to get it done at the New York Clinic. However when I moved down here, I knew I had to fly out there for every session. I will go over the procedure details in the procedure page. Luckily there was a practitioner for that company right here in Houston! I got it done. 

How is life now? No more hats. I feel fucking fantastic wearing suits, dress clothes, t-shirts, ANYTHING. It totally changed the way my face looks, that stupid little shadow on top of your head changes EVERYTHING. My wife loves it, my mom couldn't tell I had anything done. Actually NO ONE can tell I have SMP, unless I tell them, and I have only told my close friends, and they are flabbergasted at even the notion something like this exists. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read over the Procedure page and the Do's and Don'ts, you will save yourself by doing so. I outline everything there about the procedure and what NOT TO DO. Good luck guys! 

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