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How to choose a SMP Clinic or Practitioner

I know it's very tough for people out there dealing with hair loss. I have been in your shoes, and I could tell you that the stress and anxiety from hair loss is a huge factor in the deterioration of ones mental and physical well being. When you discover a new treatment such as Scalp Micro Pigmentation, it seems like something that could possibly change your life, and you get real excited; but then you are bombarded by tons of Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinics and advertisements.

You then encounter a sea of SMP clinics dedicated to treating you and fixing your hair loss problem. How do you even navigate such terrain? What if you get a bad SMP practitioner? What if an SMP clinic overcharges you? How do you know that the clinic you eventually choose is experienced or they are setting you up to be a guinea pig for their new practitioners? When I got my SMP a few years ago there weren't nearly as many clinics, actually there was one Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic that ruled them all.

I have some tips for anyone that is out there on their journey to getting SMP.

1) Find an experienced Scalp Micro Pigmentation PRACTITIONER. Focus on the Practitioner part. You can find a SMP clinic that has been around for awhile but if you get one that's using new practitioners, I would avoid it at all costs! Would you hire a new painter to paint your whole home? This is your home, imagine it being on your scalp!

2) Make sure this practitioner has tons of clients under his belt and ask to see all the clients pictures. Any experience SMP practitioner will have clients pictures ready for you to look at. Make sure they aren't using people that others have done or ones from their company!

3) The best thing would be for you to actually meet a client for a consultation. See someone that has had SMP done by the practitioner you are going to get yours done by. This way you can see exactly what will happen when you get the procedure done on your own scalp.

4) DO NOT go to a tattoo artist, even if the individual claims they can do SMP. The technique is totally different, the ink and device is totally different and you will be sorry if you trust someone not professionally trained in this. There are some exceptions though and there have been some tattoo artists who have trained under experienced Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinicians to become proficient in the SMP procedure.

5) Don't be afraid to shop around! Yes! Don't just go to the first clinic consultation and immediately book it with them! SMP is a very important procedure, don't just go into something because you liked the price they offer or the practitioner is a nice guy. Everyone is nice when there is money involved.

6) Book a consultation with me, I will answer any in questions you have regarding this procedure. I have consulted tons of potential clients that want this procedure done and they ended up being very confident in moving forward with Scalp Micro Pigmentation. I am NOT a practitioner, but I can help you find a good clinic and practitioner and calm all the nerves you have about this procedure. I will give you tips for after care also.



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