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1 Hour Personal Video Consultation


 This is a small price to pay for a peace of mind, especially when you are getting a procedure such as Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The procedure does go into a few thousand depending on the clinic. You can spend $99 to figure out if you want to go through with this or not, and I don't think that is a huge investment, considering this procedure will fundamentally change how you look to the outside world. 

                                        Email me for booking :

      ( Note : I am extremely busy so be sure to mention dates and availability, Thanks! )


There are hundreds if not thousands of clinics around the world. New clinics with new practitioners are popping up everywhere trying to cash in on this procedure. You need someone on YOUR side to help you guide this. I do not work for any SMP company, I only recommend clinics I believe set the gold standard for SMP. People who are looking to have SMP ( Scalp Micro Pigmentation ) done are overwhelmed with choices, anxiety and fear.

I wish I had someone that could have alleviated my fears and worries when it came to getting SMP done . It is truly a huge decision to undertake and you need someone that can guide you in this journey.

I offer a 1 hour consultation over video, whether that is Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Anything that is convenient for you. 

Here is what I offer and how it will benefit you.

  • I will look over your scalp on video and offer you tips and pointers on getting SMP done

  • I will speak to you and solve EVERY single question you have regarding treatment, price, aftercare, complications, fading, dot size, hairline placement, ink colors etc

  • I have extensive experience in consulting with people who want to get SMP done, people have left after meeting with me with a sigh of relief and went forward with their procedure with confidence!

  • I will tell you what to avoid, what to look forward to and how you can make the best of your SMP treatment!

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