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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Warning

When I first got my Scalp Micro Pigmentation done a few years ago, there wasn't as much interest or awareness for the procedure. I've seen Scalp Micro Pigmentation slowly start gaining steam with stories in news segments and a constant barrage of Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinics opening up all around the world. I go on Instagram and see sponsored ads for Scalp Micro Pigmentation, and the same on Google, Facebook and Youtube. I see new practitioners getting certified almost daily.

How is this an issue? Well the more popular something becomes, the less quality control one can expect from SMP clinics. You see, you would be lucky to have your head done by an extremely experienced Scalp Micro Pigmentation practitioner. On the other hand, there will be tons of heads in this world that are going to have a Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure done on their heads by a complete new practitioner.

I am not trying to knock these new practitioners, neither am I trying to mess up their business, but I am looking out for my fellow bald men and potential SMP clients. Everyone has to start somewhere, but I wouldn't ever want to be the first client for someone who is new to this.

Money is another factor in the sudden increase of interest towards Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Now all of the big hair loss solution companies are going to be offering Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Not all of them are going to hire experienced practitioners, and most of the really good practitioners in this world already own their own clinics.

Just a word of caution for the potential clients of Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

If you are around the Houston TX or TX area in general feel free to come meet me and check out my practitioner.


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