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Top 5 recommended products post Scalp Micropigmentation


I don't really make anything off this site, so I would hope you utilize my referral links anytime you shop at amazon to support! Thanks!

1) Braun Series 7

I've been shaving my head for a long time and I have learned quite a few tips over the years. At this point I always make sure I wash my head, and clear it of any bacteria or germs that might get and create acne when I shave. I also make sure I am using hot water when shaving to loosen up the hair follicles. I used to use a razor, every different brand and type when I shaved my head. However, I had to also shave my face, so I felt like I was just straight up slicing up all the skin on my face and head. 

After I got the procedure done, I was recommended this machine right here. I never had faith in electric shavers before, I always thought they never shaved good enough. Until I bought this Braun right here. Yes it is quite expensive, but this thing right here is like the Mercedes Benz of electrical shavers. 

This thing shaves so close to my skin, and doesn't irritate me at all. When I run my hand over my skin after I am done, I feel like i shaved with a razor against the skin, that is how smooth it feels. I bought this when it was like 290, and the price has dropped, so that is better for you guys reading this. I literally don't use anything else. I dry shave with this, no water nothing else. With my SMP procedure, I shave every two days. It takes less than 10 minutes and I am 100% fresh and good. 

2) Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying Gel - anti shine

3) Sunblock - keep it covered!

4) Face wash - keep it clean!

5) A good camera - to show everyone how sexy you look.


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