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Hair Replacement Alternatives

Hair Transplant


  • Almost a full head of hair

  • Permanent Solution

  • Your own hair



  • You will never have the same hair as before

  • Really Expensive

  • Leaves horrible scars

  • Surgery has its risks

  • May look really bad

  • Too many variables and surgeons

Hair Transplant was something I have wanted to do when I first started looking into Hair Loss solutions. However after seeing some really bad ones done, and never seeing a truly good job, coupled with the expense, I decided to look elsewhere. You maybe reading this and telling me I am not giving the Transplant procedure a fair chance, but I just haven't seen a really good one that will wow me. Looking around for so long and having to search for a "rare" good procedure, put me off. If the procedure was so good, their would be endless amounts of people with success. Also, the better ones I have seen done, are with people who weren't balding as much as me, more like norwood 1-2-3s. If you want you can go ahead and consult doctors about this, but I just see it as not as good an investment as others. I would rather wear a hair system than get this done, unless I was a multi=millionaire, at that point I would get the best surgeon in the world. I've included some pictures of good ones and bad ones. 

Also I would like to note that my SMP practitioner has covered up more transplant scars than he could count, which reaffirmed my dislike of transplant procedures even more. 

In my opinion, Hair Transplants only look good when the individual is thinning and not balding like on top


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