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Do's and Don'ts

  • Do your research before you even talk to a practitioner 

  • DO NOT rush this procedure until you are confident you have the right practitioner

  • Do meet with people who have SMP, who have gotten the procedure BY the practitioner you intend to get yours done by

  • Do contact me if you want access to my practitioner in Texas

  • DO NOT ​go to a tattoo artist, I REPEAT do NOT go to a tattoo artist . ( They have different guns, they have different ink, they don't pierce the same layer of skin, and they aren't trained in SMP!!!) 

I could give you some horror stories about people skimping out on a practitioner and going to a tattoo artist only to be horrified by the results, and having to do tons of laser. Please save yourself the tragedy! 

  • DO NOT rush the SMP procedure, this is a journey, this is a work of art, it takes time for dots to collect and properly fade. It will take at least a month for all 3-4 procedures to look perfect. 

  • DO NOT be greedy and try to get your SMP procedure to look too dark, yes you may not be able to see it that well at first, but it gets better after the next few procedures. Also, don't expect this to be like you have hair! Bad SMPs are the results of clients who expected too much. They started getting it darker and darker and it started looking FAKE. You want a nice subtle approach. 

  • DO pick the right practitioner, please this is important. If you go with one who has not had experience you will surely regret it. New practitioners are cropping up everywhere because of this procedure getting mainstream and popular. You don't want to be in the round of first few clients for a new practitioner. 

  • DO NOT get your SMP done by some random in a hotel room or a lobby, your practitioner should have his/her own office, professional setting with professional equipment and a client log of clients. 

  • DO NOT be cheap!! This is a permanent procedure on your head, yes laser can remove SMP, but that costs money also. If you think your buddy can do it on your head cause he is a great tattoo artist, for cheaper, you will be surely upset when your head looks like a tattoo. SMP is not supposed to look like a tattoo, it is supposed to look like you shave your head and a 5'0 clock shadow is there. If you can't afford it, save up! 

  • Do have decent expectations about your procedure. This is not a procedure where it will give you a full head of hair. Keep your expectations correct, it will give you a shadow on your head. It has to be subtle, that is the way it looks good. 

  • DO NOT get a straight hairline, if you are latino or black then maybe it will work for you, but I feel no matter the race or color, a subtle soft hairline works best! Not every SMP practitioner does this or can do this! You don't want a helmet head! 

Pricing for this procedure is typically 3-4k . Yes it is a lot, I had to save up for a long time for it and I have no regrets on the money or the procedure. There are payment plans with credit companies that do this procedure now. Hair Transplants usually cost 10k+  . Hair Systems run you a few thousand maintenance etc depending on how often you switch it out.

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